2. Wakes up early in the morning ☀️

Even though there is no school during MCO, parents need to make sure that your child wakes up early in the morning. Why?

This is because when your child wakes up early in the morning it will help your child set an ‘active’ tone for their bodies, which can give your child the energy boost needed to fully enjoy doing many activities throughout the day. Besides that, it will also help your child sleep early at night.

How to make your child wake up early in the morning;

Wake up your children with sunshine 🌞
The body is conditioned to wake up as the sun rises and to sleep when the sun has set. If you’re having a hard time waking up your children in the morning, make sure their bedroom has at least one window for natural light. Open the window, draw the curtain, and let the warm sunshine wake up your children from their slumber.