3. Take a bath at least 3 times a day 🛁

Bath time really can be one of the best times of the day. On the surface, bath time is about getting clean, but it also provides a wonderful chance to play with your children, help your children become independent or even you can teach your child alphabets or counting numbers and sing together!

Of course, we also know that not all children love baths all the time, but these tips will help ensure your children stay safe, happy, and engaged while taking a bath.

🧼 Make sure the ideal bath water temperature is the same as your child’s body temperature, so keep the water under 99ᐤC.
🧼 Bring non-breakable containers of various sizes into the bathtub. Encourage your child to pour water from one container to another. Use words like “full”, “empty”, which may help your child in expanding their words.